Saturday, June 22, 2013


Soccer at Jackson's

Painted turtles

Odiorne Point State Park

Sculpture in Cambridge

Red eft at Mt. Monadnock 

Pretty moth in Naples, ME

My brother, Ben, swimming 1/2 mile across Long Lake for triathlon training while we escort

Huge beautiful luna moth in Maine

A baby bunny outside my house

Watching the Joy Formidable in Providence, one of my favorite bands.

The Airborne Toxic Even in Providence

Boston for the day with Jackson for his 21st birthday

Jackson bought me tickets to see The Joy Formidable in Boston for my birthday, but the concert was April 19th, the day of the lockdown, so it was rescheduled to June 20.. Which means I saw this band two nights in a row, the night before as a backup in Providence to Airborne. She is great live!

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