Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Portraits of Threatened Species

Last semester is Printmaking 2, I chose to try monoprinting for my final project (we could chose any print technique, and any idea). I had gotten very frustrated doing polyester plate lithography for my previous project (will post about soon!) and wanted to try something new! 

Monoprinting can be refreshingly straightforward for a print technique, it would appeal to someone who loves to paint (like me!), however you of course get only one print out of each go! I only used black ink, so I simply rolled it over my piece of plexiglass then took it off to bring out whites! The ink was water based which means it can be more easily removed. I used Q-tips to draw each of these animals because for some reason that fluffy tip is perfect for picking the ink up (and they can be dipped in water to get a really nice white). It is tricky to not remove too much ink too soon!

I chose to do prints of four large North-American animals that have been in trouble recently: threatened, endangered, etc. I did them in portrait-style with their eyes meeting the viewers so it would seem both more confrontational and accusative, and also more akin to a portrait of a person. This is supposed to send the message that it is our fault these animals are struggling, and we should value the health of their species more highly (as we value our own species). 

The four animals I chose

Working on the bighorn sheep!

The wolf
The mountain lion in progress

Bison in progress 

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