Monday, July 1, 2013

Stormy character

I have been devoting time each day to work on something, only about 4-6 hours, sometimes more when there is a project I really want to get done. Whether it is a sketch, a submission for DesignCrowd, a blog post, or reading about glaciers for my research project, or planning out the thesis project I will need to complete before I graduate from UMaine.

I think it is important to take advantage of time I have during this summer, and still enjoy it of course!

This character is done on a nice grey toned paper. After a pencil sketch I inked her with fine tip pens and then used a black colored pencil  to shade her face and used the wonderful tool sharpie paint extra fine point white pen to add the highlights. 

She is meant to look fierce and stormy

I like the character just in grey-tone so I photographed her at this stage before adding purple hair

A different version from photoshop, as is the figure at the top with mermaid sea-green hair

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