Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snowbasin & The Name of the Wind

This evening I'm flying to Utah for a 3 - day ski trip to Snowbasin in Utah. It's going to be an awesome experience, my first big-mountain ski (although Sunday River is pretty big)! I've never done the kind of skiing I'll get to do there, I've never done any powder skiing! I'm very excited, I'm sure I'll get lots of great pictures!

I finished my Violet Baudelaire interpretation from The Wide Window, so I'll post that sometime after I get back!

On March 16, I'm going to go to Boston to meet Patrick Rothfuss and get a signed copy of The Wise Man's Fear, sequel to his incredible first book, The Name of the Wind. His first book is probably second in line as my favorite, behind only the Harry Potter series. I've bought quite a few comics and books lately, so I'll post about others soon!

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