Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Deathnote relations

Deathnote 10

I'm still having fun reading the Deathnote series, I'm currently on number 10. I re-read the first two the other day, because those are the ones I own. It's cool to remember where it all started when you know what has happened since then! Such a complicated plot, and such cool artwork!

It would be cool to do some kind of artwork inspired by the series, but I don't want to try to attempt to copy the characters, they couldn't come out so great! Anyway, these two works could relate in some sense:
  ->>>In Deception the girl standing in front of the mirror has a humane front, but her true self, shown in her reflection, is scheming and guilty, as emphasized by the lyrics. This relates to the false front that Light Yagami put on, he pretends to be for the justice of killing Kira, but really he's for justice through acting as Kira and killing criminals.. which is not justice.
  ->>>In Thou Art Gone (not a work I was enthusiastic to do, it was for English and based on an artwork described in Huck) is reading some sort of note. Now, I like to think she is crying because she holds power through a page from the death note, and is saddened by that power. Clearly not the original intent...

Thou Art Gone

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