Tuesday, February 8, 2011


In visual communications class, I have to create a storyboard of photographs. After some thought, I decided to create a story to go along with Blink 182's "Alien's Exist." Tim Burton has a character called Stainboy, which my sister has an action figure of. Stainboy will be my main character, who is being followed by aliens, and the it will be his story of overcoming his  fear of them. So, I planned out thumbnail sketches, and I have begun to photograph it! I will post it when complete

Hey mom, there's something in the back room
I hope it's not the creatures from above
You used to read me stories.. as if my dreams were boring

Up all night long, and there's something very wrong

Been best friends and will be till we die

I know the CIA would say, what you hear is all hearsay

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