Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This is not the end, this is not the beginning

      Track & Field 2011 has officially started, I'm sore already and looking forward to the season ahead!
      This is my 3rd consecutive year skiing at Sunday River in Maine, and previously I was used to the majority of the runs beings very icy and scrapy. Our first of 3 days this year, it was raining, and we had the mountain just about to ourselves! We got soaked, visibility was tough, and the few inches of new snowfall hardened by rain made conditions tricky, but it was wicked fun! The next two days were somewhat overcast, but we got some great snow!
      For my next art piece, I want to evolve from just painting glaciers, to painting them in a way that shows how majestic and magical they can seem, so I'm thinking about doing one based on our crevasse jumps!
Magda and Me

Welcome to Oz! Awesome, steeper terrain


Magda and her Mom skiing down the Tin Woodsman

View from our room: 2 double black diamonds, my favorite run was Shock Wave on the left, because it had huge, soft moguls that were a blast. White Heat is on the right, and is probably the steepest run, it was fun to ski this year with the good snow conditions!

X signifies lift is closed, 0 is open. This was during night skiing when only 2 lifts are open.

Fun lil' section of moguls below the lift that I did a few times!

Ben easily clears the crevasse on Easton glacier the 2009 season, while I observe.. I'm sure I jumped in a less gaping part

Me jumping a small crevasse the 2010 season!

2009 season!

On our way out to base camp below Easton Glacier the 2010 season!

On Columbia with the probe the 2010 season!

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