Friday, April 15, 2011

Salmon Boy

 Above is an illustration I did a few months back. It was originally intended to be part of my AP concentration, but I don't think it will go along with my other pieces after all. There are so many places around the world where the people depend on melt water from glaciers. One of the reasons they do depend on it is because of the salmon that come upstream every year. With this piece I tried to portray that the stream had retreated, leaving a dry bed, and that because of the lower water levels, the salmon were struggling to make their journey, and even get up the small waterfall. The boy is supposed to emphasize that was is happening is sad, as well as the dead salmon on the side that died because they were unable to make it farther upstream.
Art class!

I miss winter already!

My panel, showing part of a flower and plant. Last semester in art class we each created a panel in different medias of a larger picture, then put it together!

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