Friday, July 30, 2010

The Young Superhero

For the summer we have AP art assignments, which involve marbles. One is just to draw marbles in any sort of container - which I'm not a fan of - and another is just a drawing inspired by a marble. Since I'm a fan of the whole comic book/ superhero thing I decided to create my own superhero and paint him lifting the marble. So far I've been procrastinating on painting the marble itself, which is difficult but boring. I'm really looking forward to the North Cascades this year (leaving for them on Monday.) I love doing quick sketches and scenes in the mini-sketchbook I bring :)!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I painted this fairly simple view from the porch of the cottage in Macatawa on Lake Michigan. All the sailboats were out for a weekly race when I sketched it, and I painted using morning to mid-morning lighting. I'm heading out for the North Cascades early Monday morning and I'm very excited! Also, I finally finished my portrait of Mary-Kate Olsen, I chose an image of her only because it had good lighting and I loved the eye, and wanted to practice doing a very realistic face!