Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I've been wicked busy for weeks now with calculus and art and english... not including all the stuff I'm doing to get ready for college applications! I reached my goal on the SAT's though, which I was really excited about (I got a 2060!).

But, the release of the trailer for Uncertain Ice lifted my spirits!!! I love this little clip, and it made me realize how excited I am to see the movie. I can only imagine how excited my dad (Mauri Pelto) must be! I'm the blond girl you occasionally see wondering around, hiking, and drawing :D Check it out!
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North Cascades Glacier Documentary Promo from Cory Kelley on Vimeo.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Portfolio Day in Boston

I have a pretty busy weekend. I'm retaking the SAT's tomorrow in hopes of reaching my goal score, and on Sunday I'm heading out with my sister to the Portfolio review day in Boston! Even though I won't be applying to the many art schools there, it'll still be a great experience, it's always good to hear a critique and the strengths/weaknesses of your work. I'm bringing about 10-15 pieces... still deciding on the final group! I included three here that I might bring: the crampon (in pencil) I did for the black and white requirement for our AP summer assignment. The still-life (if you can tell that's what it is) I did in art class a couple of weeks ago. We had a whole set-up and we could choose our own composition and (dry) medium. I chose pastel, and decided to focus on the blue glass vase because I found it the most interesting. I drew a close-up view of it, with the little (fake) flower-things inside, and made the glass china vase behind it look like a background, rather than an object. Lastly, is my latest homework assignment that I did for Halloween. It was supposed to be "baroque" style (i.e. dramatic lighting, vitality, vivid colors, etc.). I just feel okay about it, I like it but don't love it...