Wednesday, August 29, 2012

crevasses, crampons, and mountain goats

This video captures the North Cascade Glacier Climate Project's 2012 field season with pictures and videos my dad and I took throughout the trip. Check it out!!

This is my last night at home before heading back up to Maine. I will be hiking Mount Katahdin with my boyfriend Jackson, move in one the 2nd, and classes begin on Tuesday the 4th :) I am super excited for my second year at school, and I plan to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible and learn a lot! I'm prepared for a very busy, for very awesome semester! I can't wait to post new artwork once my painting and figure drawing classes get goin :-D

Friday, August 24, 2012

Glacier sketch mini-movie

My dad took videos of me painting/ drawing at each location I sketched at this field season! We made up this little movie recently, showing videos of me drawing various scenes in the North Cascades, and talking about each of the 8 sketches I did this year :-)

Awesome drawing location out on snow in the middle of this little lake!

Writing in my field notebook I used for my crevasse research project

Mountain goats above camp! <3 i="i">

Out on Rainbow glacier! Got my crampons on, and my ice axe

Exploring the seracs at the terminus of the Lower Curtis glacier

Crevasse measurements, not the ones I was doing, the ones for the snow depth level done by looking at the annual layers exposed 

Glissading down from the summit of Mt. Daniels

My favorite flower, Indian Paintbrush, so beautiful!!

Up we go!

Big opening on Easton

Lower ice-fall by the terminus of Easton glacier

Quick sketch of Pea Soup Lake at the bottom of Lynch glacier

Crossing the snowed-in part of the gaper below the summit of Mt Daniels 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sketches in the North Cascades

I just returned from my fourth consecutive field season with the North Cascades Glacier Climate Project            . I had yet another awesome, adventurous, exhausting trip, and I completed a few more sketches this year to show some of the beauty! I brought up colored pencils to some locations, and watercolors to others, adding to the same field sketchbook I have used the previous three years - it's getting pretty worn out! I will post more pictures from the trip later this week :-)

An alpine type of buttercup, right at our campsite below Columbia glacier (8/2/12)

A quick sketch of  Blanca Lake from the ridge above camp, right before the terminus of Columbia glacier (8/3/12)

The beautiful view of Mt. Baker from our campsite on Ptarmigan Ridge near Camp Kaiser. The shadows on the snow are so beautiful in the evening (8/5/12)

Turn around at the previous campsite, walk up to the little ridge right above it, and you can see Mt. Shuksan!  This would be our destination, where we would be hiking the evening I painted this. Note the crevasse on the snowbank just below camp, that was a first! (8/7/12)

The terminus of Lower Curtis glacier on Mt. Shuksan. The big seracs are so awesome, we can explore right below them, and sometimes in little caves where the bedrock beneath is exposed -- not a good sign for the glacier though (8/8/12)

In my last post I mentioned that I would be working on a crevasse measurement research project that I plan to continue each season I go to work on the glaciers. I did a quick sketch here of a crevasse in the blue ice near the terminus of the Easton glacier. (8/10/12)

I had a blast doing this drawing! I am sitting on snow out in the middle of this beautiful melt lake at the bottom of the Iceworm glacier on Mt Daniels (8/14/12)

Last glacier measurement day, and a tough one! I drew this quick sketch at our lunch spot on the Lynch glacier on Mt Daniels. It shows Pea Soup Lake at the terminus of the glacier, and the snow coverage on parts of it! Gorgeous colors in person! (8/15/12)