Friday, August 30, 2013

My 5th Glacier Field Season

Beautiful lil paradise! Bright green moss on the rock face covered with yellow and pink monkey flower 

This summer was my 5th field season working with the North Cascade Glacier Climate Project, and my second summer taking my own measurements of crevasses in order to observe their changes in accordance with the retreat of the glaciers.

Here are some photos of this field season! Next post I will show my field sketches from this summer!

A got a grant through the Center of Undergraduate Research at UMaine, and used it to buy a laser rangefinder (to shoot distance, height, inclination), the cam-line I am using here (intended to measure well depths, a steel cable with markers every foot for measurement. I used it to measure crevasse depths!!), and most of my plane ticket out here.
Watercolor near the terminus of the Lower Curtis glacier on Mt.Shuksan
Trudging back to camp after a long day of working on the crevasse-ridden Rainbow glacier (behind me)
Hike out of one spot - hike into another!
Descending the blue ice near the terminus of Easton glacier on Mt. Baker
Watercolor and colored pencil sketch of this pool at the terminus of the Iceworm glacier.
Mountain goats - I have a neat post about them coming up! These guys are very elusive, you can't get near them usually.
Ben using a rope to measure the depth of the snow accumulation from the past winter (crevasse stratigraphy - like tree rings!)
Checking out a lil water-filled crevasse on lower Rainbow glacier
Partway through a sketch of camp below Easton glacier
Working on Easton glacier