Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This past week in painting we started working with abstraction. The entirety of the course previous to this we have worked on observational painting, so I loved painting more freely. We looked at the art of Jackson Pollock and Gerhard Richter, and the goal was to try and use layers of color and texture to create the illusion of space. 

My full piece of paper 22" x 30", which I taped off into 8 sections

The painting studio. It is in a random building on campus not associated with art. But the new art building is supposed to open next semester, so it will be in there along with most other art courses!

Nude model painted using temperature over one class period

Art and Design Collective

The Art and Design Collective at UMaine has been a blast this semester! We decided to do art projects when we meet weekly on Thursday nights. We have done things like drawing, designing logos, carving pumpkins, and last week a senior came in to demonstrate her pastel skills!

Demonstrating the effects of rubbing alcohol on pastels

Choosing a photograph to draw

Capturing my image

Using pastels to draw a beautiful face


Robyn's flowers in progress

So many pastels to choose from!

Jackson's drawing for me!

My drawing of a bright orange sky reflected in a lake surrounded by tress.

Lee's drawing in progress which she worked on after demonstrating

Saturday, November 3, 2012

UMaine Geological Society

I am part of the UMaine Geological Society this semester. Unfortunately I can't attend meetings because I have figure drawing class at the same time. This year, the group is hoping to raise money to go to Iceland for a week during spring break. I have been helping to raise money for this, and I recently designed an image for us to adorn glassware like shot glasses and pub glasses that we can sell for profit!

First design, a magnifying class showing UMaine in rock fissures

Second and final design (this will be used on the glassware) of a hand lens 

Painting class

This semester at school has been very busy with classes and my work study in the art department, but I have been having some great experiences. In my Painting 1 class we have been working with temperature a lot, as well as trying different painting styles and brush strokes.

First assignment: White paper and object still life with only black and white paint. 

Monochromatic still life, Split-complement close-up of one object

Complementary still life, Analogous painting of one object 
Two one hour still lifes using temperature: kitchen utensils, and spoon in glass vase

One hour still life of boots and hose using temperature

One hour still life of dinosaur toys using temperature

Model, using temperature

Model, using temperature

Friday, September 7, 2012


This summer I did a painting for my friend Maya's birthday. While at UMaine she often disappears, and sometimes it will be because she runs off to stargaze. The first time I ever saw Maya she was wearing a silly kid-looking fleece with monkeys on it :-), and I have always known she loves them. This summer she participated in a field research group in Rwanda! She had to opportunity to work with, study, and learn about primates! I used a cool oval canvas I bought at the Blick store in Boston last winter, and painted a girl gazing up at a starry night sky, smiling at a constellation of a monkey (a constellation I made up). She loved it when I gave it to her once we returned to school, and it's now hung up in her dorm room!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

crevasses, crampons, and mountain goats

This video captures the North Cascade Glacier Climate Project's 2012 field season with pictures and videos my dad and I took throughout the trip. Check it out!!

This is my last night at home before heading back up to Maine. I will be hiking Mount Katahdin with my boyfriend Jackson, move in one the 2nd, and classes begin on Tuesday the 4th :) I am super excited for my second year at school, and I plan to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible and learn a lot! I'm prepared for a very busy, for very awesome semester! I can't wait to post new artwork once my painting and figure drawing classes get goin :-D

Friday, August 24, 2012

Glacier sketch mini-movie

My dad took videos of me painting/ drawing at each location I sketched at this field season! We made up this little movie recently, showing videos of me drawing various scenes in the North Cascades, and talking about each of the 8 sketches I did this year :-)

Awesome drawing location out on snow in the middle of this little lake!

Writing in my field notebook I used for my crevasse research project

Mountain goats above camp! <3 i="i">

Out on Rainbow glacier! Got my crampons on, and my ice axe

Exploring the seracs at the terminus of the Lower Curtis glacier

Crevasse measurements, not the ones I was doing, the ones for the snow depth level done by looking at the annual layers exposed 

Glissading down from the summit of Mt. Daniels

My favorite flower, Indian Paintbrush, so beautiful!!

Up we go!

Big opening on Easton

Lower ice-fall by the terminus of Easton glacier

Quick sketch of Pea Soup Lake at the bottom of Lynch glacier

Crossing the snowed-in part of the gaper below the summit of Mt Daniels