Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Student art show!

I'm excited because two of the 6 artworks I submitted to the student art gallery got in! My final drawing for Drawing I last semester of the spider spinning a web against the night sky, and a Drawing II assignment from this semester of berries! The opening is this coming Friday in the Lord Hall Gallery! I'm excited for my birthday this coming Monday (April 2nd!)

This is my latest assignment for Drawing II that I did this past weekend. The objective was to draw a figure expressing either anxiety, isolation, or rage: I chose isolation and had Jackson pose for me, although I also took a picture because he couldn't hold that pose for hours! My roommate Robyn pointed out the way the shading looks somewhat geometric and I agree, I like it! I also like the way I drew his hands.

Below is a whole collection of doodles that I've done over the past couple of months in my little sketchbook. I do some in my free time, but oftentimes while I'm listening during class, it actually helps me pay better attention most of the time.

I really like drawing people in class, but they are usually just sitting in seats, facing away from me

I love using the Blick double sided drawing markers I got for Christmas but because I have a Japanese album-style Moleskine sketchbook it does bleed through on the other side!

I wrote this during the wicked warm week in March where temps got above 80 degrees!

...Trying to compensate for the fact that my marker bled through