Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm a huge Angels and Airwaves fan, I've seen them twice in concert and they're awesome live! There new cd, Love, (free online) is great. They're an inspiration for me when I'm drawing.
Only three track meets left this season, and on of them is the girl's League Meet, with the best girls on every team... I'll be competing but I won't be placing!
Lately I've been working on two art projects, but only on the weekends, between track and homework I have no free time! One of them is a painting, which I will post soon (while in progress) and this drawing is also in progress. I wanted to challenge myself to draw a really good face, and I thought this picture of Mary-Kate Olsen had some really cool shadows, plus her eye looked awesome. I'm doing this in colored pencil and it's taking a long (but fun) time. I still have a ton of work to do... on the hair (which isn't in the photo,) and still on the face.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Break!

Just one more day then April break! I'm going to New York for this college thing this Saturday, then next weekend I'm visiting my brother at Alfred University in New York.
The track season is going well. We've only had two meets so far; our meet yesterday, at Maynard, was yet another loss. Our team is small and we only have a small group of good athletes. Luckily I did well, and was one of the few on our team to actually score some points, getting second in the 400 hurdles. I also got my best distance in the long jump at 13' 1''.. I had an even better jump but it was a foul by 2 inches. But even with my best jump I still got fourth so no points in that event! We have a track meet over vacation... that's a first. It's against Ayer, who have some very talented athletes, and a girl hurdler that I have to compete against who's better than the guys hurdlers on my team (and many others.) I can't help but be jealous of someone with that much talent!

I drew this paper bag for a required art homework last semester, and it wasn't very fun. I think I did a pretty good job shading but the bag looks almost too shiny, like crumpled aluminum foil instead of crumpled paper.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I did this drawing for an English project. We're reading the book Huck Finn and we had to recreate the dark drawings the character Emmeline drew that Huck saw... this was one of them