Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a tiny kingdom at the bottom of the trees

 Here is a collection of some of drawings, sketchings, and a painting from my first semester at the University of Maine while taking Drawing 1 and 2D Design. I ended up with the same professor for both classes and I really enjoyed him, and the majority of the assignments he gave.
Final project for drawing, the only criteria was to draw a window with something in the foreground 
and background. This window is on my front door at home, I took a photograph 
of the spider silhouette at school, and I looked at a cloudy night sky and photographs for reference in the background.
Giorgio de Chirico's Hector and Andromache

This sketch and gauche painting are direct studies of the painting above:
Giorgio de Chirico's Hector and Andromache
Cloth study done in drawing

Study of Jackie, my friend in 2D Design, based off a thumbnail sketch 
of her done in class and later blown up in drawing

Valve and pipe, thumbnail study done in the Orono steam plant, blown up in drawing
Pumpkin on a cloth, direct study in drawing
Direct, quick study of a girl in my drawing class

Corner scene, looking out my dorm window,  direct study for drawing
Detail of my final project for 2D Design. 

Completed 2D final, done in gauche paint A very vague assignment: 
combining any number of photographs we'd taken that semester. I chose to 
use a photo of a bridge and combine it with a picture of my hand 
with a pen-drawn tattoo.

Detail of the bridge wires
Study of two boys in the library, one reading, one sitting at a table.
Direct thumbnail study, blown up in drawing.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2D Design

This is my final week of fall semester at UMaine! Last week I completed my two art finals: for 2D Design and Drawing 1. This is the process of my painted project for 2D, I will post the completed drawing final when I get my graded portfolio back and am able to photograph it!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Submerged your vision's just obscured

The Vaccines - "Wetsuit"


pen tattoo

fall on campus

hand doodle "Neverwhere"

the fork. the small one is 11''x14'' the big one is 22''x30''

quick study of a girl in my drawing 1 class

Friday, September 16, 2011

All At Once

I've been thoroughly enjoying my 2D Design, Drawing, and Art History classes so far. I constantly doodle so that I won't space out and stop paying attention, so I've been doing a lot of hand designs between taking notes. For 2D Design one assignment was to fill one 8'' x 11'' sheet with 120 rectangles and create black and white designs in each one. But, on each side that touched another, the   black and white had to be opposite. It was a very cool assignment, and definitely a type of design I love to do, but it was verrry long and got a bit tedious.