Friday, January 28, 2011


Columbia Glaicer (present) in acrylics
Now that second semester is here, I'm beginning to prepare for the AP Art exam, I have to create 12 pieces for the concentration section, which means they all have one theme. I have a general idea about what I will do with my theme, but I'm just starting a piece, without worrying about where my theme will go. I know that I want to show something involving change. I was originally thinking of changes in the environment, like what I see in the North Cascades, but who knows, maybe I'll show other types of change as well. But, to start out with, I'm using watercolors to paint Columbia Mtn. in the future - when Columbia Glacier no longer exists, and two lakes fill its basin instead. I'm basing my painting on my acryilic painting of Columbia Glacier from Advanced Art last year. So...I'll see where it takes me!

Snow flash

The Glaciologist (i.e. my dad) in acrylics

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Turtles and Skis

First semester is finally over! I note that I'm the only one who still has a class and work to do over our lil' break because of my AP Calc class through VHS.....
I've been getting a lot of cross country skiing in now that we finally have decent snow-pack here (2 snow days and counting). Me and my dad (and occasionally my sister) have been heading out to lakes and trails and hills, it's a blast!
For my last day of internship with Veronica, I created my own turtle + turtle boy comic (her characters in her Zanzo Moxie comic in the Worcester Magazine). This is what it says:

Turtle Boy: "Hey -- What does your family do in the winter?"
Turtle: "Nothing."
Turtle Boy: "They must do something! Where do they live?"
Turtle: "It's just what I said -- They simply live under the ice."
Turtle Boy: "But... they couldn't breathe."
Turtle: "Well, that's true. We don't breathe or eat [under the ice], we simply sit in a state near death."
Turtle Boy: "WOW!"
Turtle Boy: "Hey, look! I think I see..."
Turtle: "...My brother! I didn't recognize him under the sand at first!"
Turtle Boy: " Well, I'm glad you're loving with me instead!"
Turtle: "Me too! Let's go home and make some hot chocolate."

Turtle and Turtle Boy: Adventures on Ice

Puck through light coverage

Lake ski-skating

Speedy finish

Foxy hat

Bubbles in ice

Hiding turtle under ice

Saturday, January 15, 2011


                 will it contain the colors of our dreams                     

 I wrote this last year during track season when I would write a new quote every other day. I love this quote, I heard it while watching the preview for Angels and Airwaves much anticipated movie, "LOVE".

I'm finally nearing the end of the infinite process of applying to college.. applications and supplements: check,  school payments: check, recommendations: check. I'm currently in progress with my CSS profile and Fafsa, and I've started sending in my portfolio and will have them all sent by next weekend. And, lastly, scholarships... I've applied for only one so far, but next weekend I'm gonna be doing a ton of those. So, in two weeks, this will be off my shoulders!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Girl (2)

Snow Girl 2 (in progress)

 Last year for my independent study project in art class, I did Snow Girl. It was a representation of me and my love of winter. In the drawing, I was trying to capture how magical it feels when it's snowing. To show this I created these magical plants that are growing up out of the snow. The plants simply represent how I feel when it snows. So, this year I decided to create a second Snow Girl, to try and do a better job of showing that magic (and making the representation of me a little bit less stiff!). This time, I'm using my fave, acrylics. So, I'm working on this in class and at home right now; but, I'm trying to think of one new plant to put in! Also, at the bottom, I'm creating a little scene which kind of brings my idea across a little better: I will paint 4 panels, and in each one I will show the plants beginning to grow as the snowfall increases and piles up!

Snow Girl 1
Magical plants 
Snow girl 

A header I tried out (relates to snow girl)


The Honors Project for art class is due this week! We need at least 10 studies - which I do have, but I plan on doing 2 more, ones I started but haven't finished. I like eyes, they're interesting, I think iris's can be very beautiful, and they're fun to draw.. but I have to admit I did get a little tired of them even though I tried to use all different medias and try other things out with them; but, they did all have to be direct studies! Here are some new ones:

My eye in Prismacolor markers
My eye in acrylics (I had colorful make-up on) 
My eye in colored pencil 
My dad in the review mirror 
My eye in pastel (tricky!) 
Quick studies of my eye with ink and pastel 
In-progress close-up of my iris (with my reflection in my pupil)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Song of the Year

At the end of the year, my dad, my sister, and I make our top 5 songs lists of our favorite songs we first heard that year. My list included Paramore's "The Only Exception," Shinedown's "What a Shame," Automatic Loveletter's "Heartsong," and Saosin's "Bury your head." Some other top contenders were Franz Ferdinand's "The Lobster Quadrille," and 30 Seconds to Mars' "Closer to the Edge." BUT, the one clear winner was Linkin Park's new "Waiting for the End" and awesome song and music video

I'm looking forward to this semester coming to an end, and relaxing a slight bit more with slightly easier classes, and I'll have some more art to post up again soon! (another snow girl, some eye studies, etc.)