Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My dad started the The North Cascades Glacier Climate Project. Basically him and and a few other scientists/ interested people go out each year to the same group of glaciers in the North Cascades in Washington state, and study them. This year will be his 27th consecutive year! My brother has been going for a while now too, and I will return this year for my second trip! It's honestly probably the coolest experience ever. I bring a little sketchbook and some colored pencils and draw whenever I get the chance! Last year when I came back I painted a picture my dad had taken of the terminus (start) of the Columbia Glacier, are first glacier of about ten. It was on the of the cover of the conference program for the Eastern Snow Conference that was June 8-10! I'm psyched to go back this year! My dad has a blog on glaciers:http://glacierchange.wordpress.com/ 

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