Sunday, March 27, 2011

Will it contain the colors of our dreams?

I finished my portrait of snow girl last week, I'm happy with how it turned out! I think that it captures the magic she is feeling on a more personal level.
Show me the world that's inside your head..
I have a new art homework assignment, it'll probably be the only one this semester what with all the art we have to make to submit for the AP exam. The description is to create a self portrait without using any sort of face, it sounds like fun! Since a self portrait is a face, I figured that I would look at it as being a portrait of who I am. Something that connects all the things I love is challenge: challenging myself and the inspiration I get from it. So, after some though, I decided to do something more abstract. I decided to represent challenge by a drop of sweat (since a lot of my challenges are physical), and that drop starts a colorful swirl that starts thin with just a few colors, and gains thickness and more colors as the inspiration grows, eventually blending together. My "marvelous destiny" piece below was a source of inspiration for this idea, I will have swirling colors like this, only they will follow a curve like a spiral.

Everything, everything's magic

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