Friday, August 24, 2012

Glacier sketch mini-movie

My dad took videos of me painting/ drawing at each location I sketched at this field season! We made up this little movie recently, showing videos of me drawing various scenes in the North Cascades, and talking about each of the 8 sketches I did this year :-)

Awesome drawing location out on snow in the middle of this little lake!

Writing in my field notebook I used for my crevasse research project

Mountain goats above camp! <3 i="i">

Out on Rainbow glacier! Got my crampons on, and my ice axe

Exploring the seracs at the terminus of the Lower Curtis glacier

Crevasse measurements, not the ones I was doing, the ones for the snow depth level done by looking at the annual layers exposed 

Glissading down from the summit of Mt. Daniels

My favorite flower, Indian Paintbrush, so beautiful!!

Up we go!

Big opening on Easton

Lower ice-fall by the terminus of Easton glacier

Quick sketch of Pea Soup Lake at the bottom of Lynch glacier

Crossing the snowed-in part of the gaper below the summit of Mt Daniels 

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