Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I've been wicked busy for weeks now with calculus and art and english... not including all the stuff I'm doing to get ready for college applications! I reached my goal on the SAT's though, which I was really excited about (I got a 2060!).

But, the release of the trailer for Uncertain Ice lifted my spirits!!! I love this little clip, and it made me realize how excited I am to see the movie. I can only imagine how excited my dad (Mauri Pelto) must be! I'm the blond girl you occasionally see wondering around, hiking, and drawing :D Check it out!
And check out my old glacier- related posts! October 13th & North Cascades 2010! & Glaciers

North Cascades Glacier Documentary Promo from Cory Kelley on Vimeo.

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