Thursday, December 16, 2010

Black Lights

Tonight was the high school art show! I demonstrated watercolor, I'm painting a mountain from a quote in Frankenstein for my English class.. so might as well work on it! Over the past couple of days me and some other kids in our studio art class have been setting up our black light installation for the show. Basically, we took the big boards we hang art on, and put it against the wall to form a sort of triangle - but there was an entrance. We covered the top with a dark, thick sheet, and then inside included hung a lot of black-and-white artwork! We set up five black lights inside, and people at the show could walk in and check it out (It was like a little room)! Plus, you could put on 3-d glasses for a cool effect. 

This is me (right) and my twin, Megan, when we got our senior pics done earlier this year! 

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