Monday, December 6, 2010


Hidden field, 2010

I'm excited that December has begun! I love the winter, and once December begins, I really start anticipating all the snowy days. I've been up to Wachusett Mt. twice so far, it's been open a little over a week, but there aren't many runs to choose from yet! My dad and I just went up and down Conifer 9 times both days we went; the second time, there was some new snow (i.e. snow-maker) and a few mini-moguls to work on my turns. I can't wait for some snow to actually build up and go cross country skiing, but cold weather would be good too (for ice-skating!) And, of course, I'll look forward to a break from school, though I don't get out till the 23rd. Thankfully, I won't have to work on calculus over the break, because that class is on break from December 15- January 5th (time to catch up on sleep).

Skiing at Wachusett, 2010 
Hidden ice-skating spot, 2010 
Sunday River, plenty of snow, 2010 
Lake ski-skating! 2008
Sunday River 2009 
Ice storm effects, 2008 
After the ice storm, 2008 

Ice-storm lights, 2008 
New snow! 2009 
Snow-capped bushes, 2009 
Typical ski at the golf course, 2010

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