Friday, June 10, 2011

There is another shore, you know

"What matters it how far we go?"
His scaly friend replied, 
"There is another shore, you know,
Upon the other side. 
The further off from England
The nearer is to France - 
Then turn not pale, beloved snail,
But come and join the dance."

Franz Ferdinand's version of the Lobster Quadrille

My sister and I finally graduated from West Boylston High on June 3rd, it's great to finally be done! I have my orientation at the University of Maine soon: June 19-20. After that I will be away for the majority of the summer, first staying on Long Lake in Maine, then Lake Michigan, and finally heading out for my third season on the glaciers in the North Cascades. I'll have just about a week to pack and head off for college when I return!
Tomorrow at 9 am, I am running in my town's 5k around the Wachusett Reservoir!
I was amazed that both my sister and I received the Elton & Kathleen Drew Scholarship for Continued Study in the Arts ($5000!) and I also received the Mass. Foreign Language Association Board of Directors Award, which I believe will be $500.
Yesterday I went on my final art trip with the NAHS. This year we went to Boston and visited the MFA, Faneuil Hall, and saw the Blue Man Group. We saw actress Rachel McAdams at the MFA which I thought was pretty cool!

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