Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I knew right then that she'd been abducted

My second homework assignment for drawing II involved mirrors. We had to somehow show their reflective quality, or draw something in them. I used the small light-up circular mirror in my dorm room, and draped a shirt over it to show the light shining through the fabric. I drew myself as I looked into the mirror, capturing the glowing ring in my pupil and my eyebrow piercing. 

My second day of drawing II, we used a rag to spread charcoal powder over a piece of paper, than we used only our erasers to sketch a still life, only adding some darks at the end.

In 3D Design our first project was to create a wire animal or human figure, and I chose a cobra. I first developed its form by using a drill to tightly twist two pieces of wire, inserting hooks to leave gaps to wind the wire through its body afterwards. It's very large, I curled it up, but when spread out it's about 12 ft. I am okay with how it came out, I like that it is life-size, but if I could re-do it I might make it smaller and thus be able to make the form look more solid, and add more detail.

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