Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little Spideyman

I have a whole group of finished drawing II assignments!
This first was a weekend homework assignment from two weeks ago. We had to draw a dark room and my boyfriend Jackson gave me the idea of going to Neville Hall, a lecture room on campus just a few minutes from our dorm. We hung out there that Saturday and Sunday while I drew the dark seats with light coming in from the arched doorway.

This was my homework assignment from this past weekend. We had to draw one of our favorite snacks or meals, so I bought some raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries and set them up in a small, clear parfait cup! I had fun for the majority of the time, but drawing the raspberries' and blackberries' kernels was very time consuming so instead of spending about 5 - 7 hours on the weekend assignment like usual, I spent closer to 10!

This was one of the first in-class drawings we did. I had to build some sort of white paper construction outside of class then bring it in and sketch it for 2-3 class periods (180 minutes each).

This is my most recent in class drawing. We had to choose any object that was important in some way to us and create a diptych - two panel - one of the object, and one of it wrapped. I chose my spideyman toy that squirts water out of his fists! He's very small, probably about 2 inches. We worked on him for 3 class periods, and then began the wrapped panel, which we will continue after break :)!

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