Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mt. Baker over time

..from the far eastern sea, straight to here..
My new piece I'm working on for my AP concentration is three panels of Mt. Baker over time. So far I have completed the first panel, and I am partway through with the second. The first panel is based somewhat off of a photograph I have of myself from the NCGCP 2010 field season. In this panel, the glacier in the summer still has plenty of snow. The girl in the scene is in awe of the beautiful glacier, and that magical feeling is represented by the plants growing. In the next panel, the glacier will still be surviving, but will have retreated significantly. This time, the girl (now older) will be pointing at where the glacier now begins. In the final panel the girl will now be an old woman, but her favorite spot will no longer have a view of a beautiful glacier, because it is gone.

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