Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So close...

I'm finally done with the school year (for the most part). I had my AB AP Calculus Exam on the 4th, and I submitted my AP Studio Art Drawing Portfolio on the 6th. These classes have been my life this year, particularly second semester, so it's weird to not have endless work to do anymore! After today, I have 13 days of school left, but many of them I won't actually have classes, they'll be centered around preparing for graduation. The track season has been decent for me. Today I am heading out to Murdock for a meet, and after that I have two more regular meets and Leagues. I'm already starting to think about what art I might want to create over the summer!
Running the 400 lows, this picture was in the local paper

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  1. congrats on being in the newspaper! :D I've only ever been in the newspaper as a kid... some guy came to my elementary school and wrote something about kids, it was silly.