Monday, May 6, 2013

Printmaking: Copper Plate #2

One of the hardest things about printing is that it is often unpredictable. It is not nearly as controllable as many mediums and hours of work can go to waste. 

For our second copper plate etching project we had to use a photopolymer layer as a ground. By placing objects on the plate with the layer and shooting intense UV light down on the plate, the 'shadows' of the objects are left. I chose a multitude of pebble I found on campus.

Sketch #1 
This first proof has a sketch on it of what I could potentially add to the print. It looks sorta like outer space to me

Sketch #2
This was meant to look like lava: where the rock once originated
Sketch #3
This segmentation made me think of a conglomerate rock 

I used melted crisco to get this splattered affect.. unfortunately despite hours of work the rocks got almost completely lost

I added a bit of turquoise to this print.. and a wash to try and make the rocks show up a bit more

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