Saturday, May 4, 2013


At the end of last semester I created a design for the UMaine Geological Society which I am a part of. This is the resulting glassware that was made and sold. I bought some for myself and my family as Christmas presents! 

I love that you can move when using the panorama effect on a camera to get multiple-yous!

I had two pieces in the Student Art Exhibition this spring. The above was done in Painting 1 last semester, a somewhat abstract landscape of Indian Paintbrushes, my favorite flower

This drawing of Jackson was one of the artworks selected by the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences to hang in Stevens Hall for the entire next academic year! It is a conte drawing of Jackson crouching and it is titled "Desolation". The title got mixed up with on of my other drawings that didn't get in, so next to this it said "Glacier Pond Reflections" in pastel :)

I get around campus most of the year on the longboard, it's fast and super fun! When I have free time, I love to go on adventures, especially on the great bike trails on campus. Lately it has been so beautiful - 60's - 70's and sunny!

I am about to start finals week, then I am home for the summer! I look forward to posting more of what I have done this semester then!!

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  1. Jill, You are without a doubt the most wonderful person I ever did meet. I love you and I loved this entire year at school with you! <3 Jackson