Monday, July 30, 2012

Kitty Comic

For Jackson's 20th birthday on June 20th I stayed at his house for the week. I sat down to make his birthday card beforehand, and it ended up becoming a whole comic book. My roommate, Robyn, makes really cute sock cats, and she made one for both me and Jackson during the school year! I decided to do a little comic-card using the two cats as the characters :-)
I used water color paper and water color paints to fill in the comic I had drawn and inked. I then lined up holes to hole-punch and tied them with some string to make the book!! It was super fun to do, and Jackson loved it! The book is around 5 by 6 inches I believe.

Longboarding! Jackon taught me to do this at school and gave me one for my 19th birthday in April! This is on of the extended panels with a fold so it fits in the book.

This was a joke because one of the clues in the scavenger hunt I mention in my previous past said something along these lines, and Jackson didn't get it at all.

I made this as a thank-you card for letting me stay the week! We went paddle boarding at my family's place on Long Lake in Maine, and we went camping when I stayed at Jackson's, at a little island in front of his house on Webber Pond.

My favorite scene in this

Thank you Jackson!

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