Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Take a walk

Towards the end of spring semester, I decided I wanted to do something cool for Jackson before summer began and we saw each other much less. Of course a drawing or some sort of art-creation idea came to mind, but I also wanted to do something more unique and fun. So, in order to make it a gift but also something interactive, I made him a puzzle scavenger hunt! I used some extra foam core I had from mounting artwork and drew a picture of us in pen. I used my Blick markers to make the background vibrant - with a Spiderman symbol for me and Green Lantern for Jackson.
I outlined 30 puzzle pieces on the back of the drawing and cut them out carefully with my x-acto knife. Before I cut them I tested out what shape tabs would be easiest to cut: typical round, square, or triangular, and square tabs worked the best. 

I planned out the scavenger hunt in our dorm and all around campus, I took my a journal and rode around campus on my longboard, jotting down clues and deciding on hiding spots - one for each of the 30 pieces!
It took quite a bit of time, but I had a lot of fun doing it, and in the final week of school, I set it up! I was worried that people who find them/ weather would ruin them, so I didn't want to hide them until the day of, so I wrapped each puzzle piece in a clue and hid them all in the morning. Jackson was excited, he knew it was a scavenger hunt, but not what for, nor how extensive it would be! It was so much fun to finally do it and watch him get really confused over some of the clues.

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