Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ice Spidey

Storm's prowess over the elements + Batman's genius

Sometimes people have a strong preference for Marvel or DC, but I honestly love characters and stories from both. When I was home at the beginning of the summer I created these three superheroes by pairing a character from DC with one from Marvel. I chose them based on the people I did them for. Above is a Storm - Batman combo I drew for my sister, and I also did a Spiderman - Ice girl for myself, and a Green Lantern - Wolverine combination for Jackson. I'm sure it is a blast coming up with your own superheroes as well!

Spiderman's web + Ice's control over the snow and ice

Green lantern's marvelous ring + Wolvering fearsome claws
 Megan brought home mini- canvases (about 2 by 3 inches) and these are 2 of the 5 that I painted.

Funny- looking fella (the smile..?)

I have done these funny guys - faceless, with fiery hair - for years. Who are they, though?

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