Friday, January 28, 2011


Columbia Glaicer (present) in acrylics
Now that second semester is here, I'm beginning to prepare for the AP Art exam, I have to create 12 pieces for the concentration section, which means they all have one theme. I have a general idea about what I will do with my theme, but I'm just starting a piece, without worrying about where my theme will go. I know that I want to show something involving change. I was originally thinking of changes in the environment, like what I see in the North Cascades, but who knows, maybe I'll show other types of change as well. But, to start out with, I'm using watercolors to paint Columbia Mtn. in the future - when Columbia Glacier no longer exists, and two lakes fill its basin instead. I'm basing my painting on my acryilic painting of Columbia Glacier from Advanced Art last year. So...I'll see where it takes me!

Snow flash

The Glaciologist (i.e. my dad) in acrylics

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