Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Girl (2)

Snow Girl 2 (in progress)

 Last year for my independent study project in art class, I did Snow Girl. It was a representation of me and my love of winter. In the drawing, I was trying to capture how magical it feels when it's snowing. To show this I created these magical plants that are growing up out of the snow. The plants simply represent how I feel when it snows. So, this year I decided to create a second Snow Girl, to try and do a better job of showing that magic (and making the representation of me a little bit less stiff!). This time, I'm using my fave, acrylics. So, I'm working on this in class and at home right now; but, I'm trying to think of one new plant to put in! Also, at the bottom, I'm creating a little scene which kind of brings my idea across a little better: I will paint 4 panels, and in each one I will show the plants beginning to grow as the snowfall increases and piles up!

Snow Girl 1
Magical plants 
Snow girl 

A header I tried out (relates to snow girl)

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