Thursday, January 20, 2011

Turtles and Skis

First semester is finally over! I note that I'm the only one who still has a class and work to do over our lil' break because of my AP Calc class through VHS.....
I've been getting a lot of cross country skiing in now that we finally have decent snow-pack here (2 snow days and counting). Me and my dad (and occasionally my sister) have been heading out to lakes and trails and hills, it's a blast!
For my last day of internship with Veronica, I created my own turtle + turtle boy comic (her characters in her Zanzo Moxie comic in the Worcester Magazine). This is what it says:

Turtle Boy: "Hey -- What does your family do in the winter?"
Turtle: "Nothing."
Turtle Boy: "They must do something! Where do they live?"
Turtle: "It's just what I said -- They simply live under the ice."
Turtle Boy: "But... they couldn't breathe."
Turtle: "Well, that's true. We don't breathe or eat [under the ice], we simply sit in a state near death."
Turtle Boy: "WOW!"
Turtle Boy: "Hey, look! I think I see..."
Turtle: "...My brother! I didn't recognize him under the sand at first!"
Turtle Boy: " Well, I'm glad you're loving with me instead!"
Turtle: "Me too! Let's go home and make some hot chocolate."

Turtle and Turtle Boy: Adventures on Ice

Puck through light coverage

Lake ski-skating

Speedy finish

Foxy hat

Bubbles in ice

Hiding turtle under ice

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